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Oceanline surfboards is your one stop shop for everything you need to get you back in the water or to get you in the water for your first time. Whether you are looking for a new board bag, wetsuit, fins, tail pad, or any other surf accessories - Oceanline has it all! We also have a wide selection of used surfboards. If you are not sure what type of surfboard is right for you, we also have a 'try before you buy' quiver which will allow you to try any of our stock boards free of charge before committing to any purchase. Stop by and try one out!


We are so confident in our work at Oceanline that we have our full range of stock surfboards for you to 'Try Before You Buy' to find out which board is best suited to you. We guarantee that we can find a board that will meet your needs. Stop by the shop and pick one up at any time free of charge! 

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Here at Oceanline surfboards we have a wide variety of Oneil, Gul and West Wetsuits, steamers and rashies.

We also stock FCS and Ocean&Earth Surfboard Bags, Coffins, socks, and more!


FCS, Future, and Power Base Surf Fins

Gorilla, XTracks, and Ocean&Earth Tail pads

FCS and Balin Surf Leashes

Wax, Fin Keys, Ding Repair kits and more!


Looking to buy a used surfboard or trade or your old surfboard in for a new one - Oceanline can help!

With one of the largest selection of second-hand surfboards in Perth we are sure you can find the right board for you at a fair price!


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