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Come see us in person or Please select from the following options and include in email at bottom. If you like one of our stock boards (see BOARDS page), but want to fine tune the dimensions, please state the model and changes to be made in email provided at bottom. Feel free to contact us for help if needed.

Please use the form above as a guide to create your own surfboard. Please include Shape Particulars, Rail Preference, Tail Shape, Fin set up, Glassing Preference (pro series = standard), Finishing Preference (speed finish = standard) and any other special shaping instructions (eg. concaves, rockers, spray, etc.) in email provided below. Please include your Age, Weight, and type of waves your board will be surfed in.

 (Example: Dim - 6'2 x 19 x 2'1/2 ,  Rails - Medium, Tail - Rounded Pin,  Fins - FCS Quad,  Glassing - Pro,  Finish - speed,  Single concave,  Green spray)

                                                                                      CALL (08) 9409 1910 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS

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